WADA has no power to expel

This statement below was received by us at Nationwide News Network from the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA.

WADA is clear that it has no power to expel any entity either from Olympics or other sporting competitions. A recommendation can be made but the highest action that can be taken by WADA is a declaration of non-compliance.

Here’s the email response (verbatim)

WADA Statement in response to former JADCO Executive Director Comments


WADA read with interest the August 20 comments made by former JADCO Executive Director Renee Anne Shirley in relation to Jamaica’s drugs anti-doping program.


WADA expects the concerns to be addressed urgently and appropriately by JADCO and the Jamaican government, and looks forward to those responses accordingly.


Where there are issues relating to any anti-doping program, WADA’s role is to work closely with that signatory to remedy the situation. If, consequently, no suggested or recommended remedial action is taken, a report would be made to the WADA Foundation Board where a signatory can be declared non compliant. No other sanction can be taken by WADA, but non compliant decisions are reported to relevant sporting and governmental bodies to decide on further course of action.


WADA was involved in helping establish JADCO in 2008, and has worked closely with the organization and Jamaican government in addressing issues since that time.



Ben Nichols

Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications

Responsable principal, relations média et communication

World Anti-Doping Agency | Agence mondiale antidopage


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2 Responses to WADA has no power to expel

  1. soboulious says:

    Ok, so being aware of this why did the WADA official give the impression that they had the authority to expel? Also, if they have been working with JADCO closely, why did WADA not contact JADCO and the Jamaican government, before going to the press with their concerns? Lastly, it is irresponsible for the WADA official to give the impression that Jamaican athletes are not being tested out of competition, when the IAAF website lists the names of ALL athletes and how many times they have been tested out of completion between 2009 and 2012.

    • emilycrooks says:

      1. Having read the quotes attributed to David Howman, the Director General of WADA I would say it’s the headline of the story that gave the impression that WADA could ban Jamaica. The sentiments in the article itself were similar to those posted by me.
      2. May be they did contact Jamaica – I don’t know. Press called them for a comment it seems.
      3. Good question

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