When media cease to ‘nauseate’

‘The treatment by the media of this matter nauseates me…’

Words of the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton as captured on a tape recorder left running by one of the evicted journalists from a press conference, Thursday, the 29th day of August, 2013.

Invited for ‘full coverage’ of Minister Hytlon’s presentation to a Jamaica Employers’ Federation meeting a few days, media representatives from CVM, TVJ, The Gleaner Company, JIS and Nationwide turned up.

The shades of grey around the logistics hub have been plenty. Ministers have been saying a lot but revealing very little. The penumbra of darkness around a major plank of the logistics hub enlarged with Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill disclosing that government is ‘seriously considering’ use of an environmental treasure – Goat Island.

Goat Island is part of a protected area known as Portland Bight Protected Area. 

More than 72 hours after Minister’s Pickersgill returned from China from a well paid trip full funded by our taxes, Minister Pickersgill issued only a six paragraph release on Goat Island.

Pressed by me for an interview on the matter, Minister Pickersgill said ‘I stand by my release’. Never mind that the release did nothing to clear up anything reported in the press.

He then proceeded to tell me ‘send me the questions you want me to answer in an interview’.

There appears to be new variant appearing in journalism – pre-approved questions and all being requested all round. Ministers are refusing to be questioned on their areas of responsibility.

In the middle of the royal mess created by the Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson over the smoking regulations, his handlers told my news centre that he will not speak with us as we ‘practise ambush journalism’.

I could list many Ministers who have taken a similar position. ‘Nauseate’ is just another limb of the same tree that has been pointed to by these Ministers.

I have suggested before and reiterate here – it is time for media to stop being pushers of press releases and do the work to get answers to questions for the people. The recent disrespect to media must be a moment for us to take stock of how we do what we do.

No government must be comfortable with the scrutiny of media. Media must push back and push hard.  

It has not gone unnoticed that the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller in the two years since she has been sworn in has not had a sit down with any serious media in Jamaica. It now appears that more and more of her team members are taking on the same posture.

Stand your ground media.


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Attorney-at-Law, Partner -Gifford Thompson & Shields; Broadcast Journalist; Host of RJR's Hotline - www.rjr94fm.com; Gunner Twitter- @emilymshields
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4 Responses to When media cease to ‘nauseate’

  1. I stand by you Emily. Stop creating News from press-releases. This Govt led my the much silent Prime Minister has constantly undermine the role of the media. PAJ must act swiftly and be decisive in how they are going to approach the Govt & its contempt for the press going forward! My suggestion, media houses must broadcasting JIS news until the Govt comes down from its high horse.

  2. petchary says:

    When have you last had a one on one interview with any government minister, in recent times? How can the Prime Minister, of all people, be unavailable to the media and thus to the people? She is the one who should be MOST visible and communicative of all as she speaks for the government as a whole… With all their PR people, the government really needs to think about its communication/media relations (or lack thereof)…

  3. Anthony Wayne says:

    Well said.

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