Those Nicodemus moments

“I ————–do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Jamaica, that I will uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION and the laws of Jamaica and that I will conscientiously and impartially discharge my responsibilities to the people of Jamaica. So help me God”

Above is the Oath of Allegiance taken by many. A name is replaced – but the oath remains the same. 

It is not by accident that those who are called to serve are asked to ‘bear true allegiance to Jamaica’ and ‘to uphold and defend the constitution and laws of Jamaica’.        

Leadership requires an intangible quality of magnanimity. It requires an ability to quench animalistic desires to be brutal for a more subdued reaction for the common good. The challenge of the moment in all instance is in recognizing when we are up on that moment. The moment comes unannounced. We are usually caught off guard. It is in these Nicodemus moments that uncertainties arise.

When leaders are uncertain, two things might be of value:

Picture for illustration only. Source – Google

(a) the sacred book of the leader.

(b) the CONSTITUTION to which he must bear allegiance.


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