The revolution is yours to start – not media’s

The media cannot lead a revolution for Jamaica.

Some of us in media, speak daily based on our consciences and on principles that guide our lives and based on the best information available to us at the time. Invariably media practitioners (and I can give countless personal experiences) are exposed to hostility by those who share a different view.–Emily-Crooks-get-death-threats

Media practitioners are minuscule in number compared to the millions of non-media practitioners who hold the power to elect and to remove corrupt government.

Media practitioners can be easily identified. A newspaper reporter has to include a ‘by line’ in his story. A newsreader or commentator has to give a name. Easy identification means easy target. The name, face, identity of millions will be harder to get than that of media practitioners.

Media entities are driven by advertising. Advertisers too are part of the political divide and wish to have their party remain in power. Media can rock the boat but not turn it over. The bottom line of the private media entity will be affected. No private business in need of profit can wage a war against the public at large and win.

There are many reasons media in Jamaica cannot and should not lead a revolution. Perhaps more of you need to pause the Twitter Revolution, the FaceBook Invasion and demonstrate your disgust with poor governance by physical and peaceful presence where you think it matters.

How could everyone sit and allow a Minister to be reinstatement when the procedural breaches that he committed or allowed to be committed are innumerable. Apart from your tweet and your facebook post, ask yourself- how else was your disgust shown? 

Why are the mighty millions allowing themselves to be powerless when only they can bring a non-accountable government to account. Who stole your tongue? Who amputated your legs? The media can be ‘a shield but not a sword’




About emilyshields

Attorney-at-Law, Partner -Gifford Thompson & Shields; Broadcast Journalist; Host of RJR's Hotline -; Gunner Twitter- @emilymshields
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