I just want my life back – #KartelMurderTrial

Shawn Campbell otherwise known as Shawn in entertainment circles stands accused of murder. Over more than forty days of trial in the Supreme Court, he sits to the immediately right of Kartel – his co-accused.

For a few minutes before the start of court, he mumbles words to Kartel as all the prepared for the decision of the judge regarding the no case submissions by their lawyer.

It is now Shawn Storm’s time to speak. He rises in the dock. His hands are folded behind him. He stands a lamb to the slaughter. He puts his version of the case to the jury and asks for his life back. Here is the full verbatim notes of the unsworn statement of Shawn Storm from the prisoners’ dock.

Good Afternoon Your Lordship. Good afternoon Madam Foreman and Members of the Jury.

My name is Shawn Campbell. I live at 3357 Souvenir Way, Waterford, St. Catherine. I am 34.  I went to Bustamante High School. I have 4 subjects. I attended Jamaica Mechanical Engineering School and studied there for 3 years as a mechanical engineer and graduated with a cerfiticate. ( many Jamaicans say cerfiticate as opposed to certificate)

I worked at JUTC 6 yrs. I started there as an apprentice…(I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence here).

October 2011, I heard the news that I am to report to Constant Spring for questioning. Upon going there to report, I was there for 3 days. After that time, my attorney then, Michael Deans filed a habeas corpus in court. I was released by the police at Constant Spring. When I was released, I was asked by the police for my cellular number, my landline and mother’s number. The police said if they wanted me for questioning they will call.

About a week after, my mother called and said she got a message saying I must report again. Being a law abiding citizen I did so. This time they kept me for 13 days and then released me and said if they needed me they will call.

Four days after, I was summoned by the Constant Spring Police Station as person of interest.  When I went there Mr. Deans was asked to do Question & Answer. Based on that I was then charged for murder.

My Lord, I would like to make this clear- I am NOT a murderer nor have I ever taken part in an alleged offence pertaining to the alleged deceased Clive Williams.

I -Shawn Campbell, I am no murderer My Lord. My Lord, I am no murderer.

On August 16, 2011 – Lamar Chow and Clive Williams freely followed me to Havendale. Then Clive Williams came out at a guest house. Then Lamar Chow came out at the Swallowfield address. Then I leave.

That same night Lamar Chow came to me at my house. He told me that a dog bite Kartel and him mi carry him go hospital. At no time did he told me about him seeing anybody on the ground or anything like that.

My Lord all I would say is that some of the things that he come and say in court he didn’t mention anything like that to me on that night when he come to my house.

My Lord, Members of the jury, I am an innocent man of this charge. All I am asking for Madam Foreman and Members of the Jury to consider  – What I will ask for is to get back my life to go and take care of my sick mother and my daughter and further my career as artiste and certified mechanical engineer.

With that note, Shawn Storm wearing an army style buttoned front black jacket and a pink inside shirt sits in the prisoners’ dock next to co-accused Kartel. Kartel holds his hand in support when he sits – briefly


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