‘Lock the knee’ – DAY 1

September 2
My first session of the 30 day challenge.

Today I consumed approximately 3 litres of just water to prepare my body for the challenge. I have started taking around with me a full bottle of 1.5 litres of water to ensure that I drink as much as that. I must re-hydrate properly as I lose so much water through sweating in Bikram yoga.

It’s 5:45 PM. I enter the large room at 17 Latham Avenue. The class is full. Approximately 30 people are in a room stretched out in 105 degrees waiting to kill the body so we can live fully again. Some are already sweating a lot. I never enter the room and remain for a long time before the class begins.

I like doing my yoga or general work out in the same place all the time. The slightest change in my position whether in yoga or at the gym can throw me off just a bit. I like my spot.I am territorial – I guess.

My water and coconut water are in place. I take no chances in not drinking enough. The first week of doing Bikram yoga, I had a scare. It was early one Sunday morning, I got up to use the bathroom and was slapped with unbearable vaginal pain followed by faint streaks of blood. The other details need not come here but I ended up in hospital the morning – kidney stones.

I had pushed my body in the heat and not drank enough to replenish my system. My kidneys rebelled and I suffered but – briefly. The doctors theorized that the stones were passed out by me hence the pain. Nothing showed up on the scan. I believe my system was out of sort before I started Bikram. I have interpreted that episode to mean that Bikram yoga will correct a lot that is out of alignment. I now ensure if nothing else goes into my system, water does.

The class is tough but I love the lessons it teaches. Determination, focus and balance. I can’t make a lot of the poses correctly. They take time – listening, breathing, focusing and pushing the body to the limit. Rafa beckons over his headset shouting ‘Emilee, lock the knee, lock the knee, lock the knee…’ ‘Emilee, no backward bending…’ I make the adjustments as best I can and I reap the rewards.

Rafa speaks many languages. His English is very good though he speaks it with a Spanish tilt. Spanish is his mother tongue. He teaches some classes and others are taught by his girlfriend, Kayla. They make a lovely couple I think. Other classes are done by Jamaica’s, Yolande Small.

It’s the end of day one for me. I feel a slight pain somewhere in my back, close to my shoulders but I am not really sure. I will not be daunted. I look forward to day 2. I feel good.


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