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Whither the ESF?

Finance Minister, Audley Shaw has made a revelation which has come as a shock to me. He has told a private sector grouping that money which the then Opposition – of which he is a member- earmarked for use in … Continue reading

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A Machiavellian mind

Three women have been included in the cabinet of Andrew Holness. They are: Kamina Johnson Smith – Minister of Foreign affairs & Foreign Trade; Shahine Robinson – Minister of Labour and Social Security ; and Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange – Minister … Continue reading

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My cabinet picks!

These are the people I would love to see in an Andrew Holness cabinet. The ideal size of a cabinet for me is 15. However, recognizing the potential internal struggle resulting from the thin majority in the house and the … Continue reading

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Holness’ first pickle – choosing a cabinet

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has the unenviable task of selecting a cabinet. Unenviable because he has the slimmest of margins ever seen after an electoral victory by any political party in Jamaica- 32:31. His party the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, … Continue reading

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